Kitchen Electricals At Scotts of Stow

Kitchen Electricals At Scotts of Stow

Scotts of Stow are delighted to bring you their Kitchen Electrical range, a superb range of products to make meal preparation a far more enjoyable experience for all involved. Whether you brighten the experience up by listening to music on the great Retro Music System or want to make use of the great counter top mini ovens, Scotts of Stow have some great options for you. Please note you can still use the code 03SA to get Free Delivery when you spend £60 or more on your order. To view the full Kitchen Electrical range, please click here.


Swan Vintage 4-slice ToasterSwan<br /> Vintage 4-slice ToasterIdeal to revamp an existing kitchen, this toaster from trusted manufacturer Swan, will give you years of reliable service. The toaster includes an electronic browning control, defrost, re-heat and cancel buttons, a removable crumb tray and a high lift action to prevent burnt fingers. Our Price £59.95

Scotts of Stow Countertop Mini OvenScotts of<br /> Stow Countertop Mini OvenUsing far less power than a full-size cooker, our mini oven is the energy-saving option for roasting, baking, grilling and toasting. It’s an economical choice when cooking for one or two or as an ancillary appliance for large dining occasions. Big enough to accommodate a baking tray, roasting dish or casserole and even a full 10″ pizza – yet small enough to fit on your worktop. Our Price £69.95

Countertop Mini Oven, 50LCountertop<br /> Mini Oven, 50LFrom a simple bought pizza to a full Sunday roast, our compact countertop oven simplifies dozens of cooking tasks yet takes up less counter space than ever. Ideal for open-plan or galley kitchens, to use alongside a full-size oven for large families and gatherings, or just for energy efficiency when a big oven’s not required, this model is an advanced convection. Please note, oven requires 10cm clearance space on all sides. Our Price £199.95

Compact Chip FryerCompact<br /> Chip FryerFull-size fryers consume around 3.1 litres of oil – not economical when you’re just cooking a few chips. But this compact, non-stick deep fryer uses just 1 litre. Perfect for smaller portions and when cooking for just one or two persons. Our Price £29.95

Exclusive Retro CD/Radio/MP3 PlayerExclusive<br /> Retro CD/Radio/MP3 PlayerIt may be styled like one of those nostalgic-looking Bakelite radio sets from the 1950s, but this fabulous portable CD/Radio is packed with up-to-the-minute technology, which means you can enjoy your favourite music and radio shows whenever or wherever you fancy. Our Price £69.95


Vita Blend Food Processor/BlenderVita Blend<br /> Food Processor/BlenderCreate delicious smoothies, nutritional drinks and mouth-watering soups packed with vitamins and nutrients. The Vitablend Food Processor from Tower blends, mixes, chops, whips, grinds, purées and grates fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, extracting their pure goodness. Was £99.95  Now £49.95

Black Mini Ice MakerBlack Mini<br /> Ice MakerEvery party host’s must-have machine – just in time for the summer party season! This compact, countertop ice maker will produce a batch of 12 ice cubes in around 14 minutes and further batches every few minutes for as long as you want – in 24 hours it can produce a veritable iceberg – a whopping 26¼lb of the stuff! Our Price £159.95

Retro Larder FridgeRetro<br /> Larder FridgeIf you love the look of those colourful European fridges but are frozen out by the prices, think again. We have teamed up with our friends at Swan to bring you this high quality, high specification, under-the-counter model to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle. Our Price £499.95

Professional Food SlicerProfessional Food SlicerPerfect for homemade bread, joints of meat, cheese and roasts, this electric slicer adjusts not only for variable thickness, but also according to the texture of the food. Simply change the speed setting according to the food type and thickness required for perfect slices up to 1½cm in seconds. Mains powered, 150W. Was £59.95  Now £54.95

Induction HobInduction<br /> HobCook faster and use less energy with our 2-in-1 induction hob set! Induction is probably the fastest, safest and most affordable way to cook. This innovative hob directly heats the pan via an induced electro-magnetic field. It sounds complicated but it’s an absolute doddle to use. Our Price £59.95

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