First Aid Kits & Supplies At ESE Direct

First Aid Kits & Supplies At ESE Direct

Employee Safety is key in any work place, and with the First Aid Kits & Supplies from ESE Direct you can make sure that you can find the first aid kit that fits your requirements. Below we have picked out some examples of First Aid kits and other hygiene and health conscious products from the site. To view the full First Aid Kits & Supplies range, please click here.



Emergency Foil Blankets

Emergency Foil BlanketsIntense physical exertion can often cause people to suffer rapid heat loss from their body that could have dire consequences if not dealt with immediately. The Emergency Foil Blankets help individuals to retain that heat in the body so that he or she can recover as quickly as possible.Our Price from £0.44 (ex.VAT)

AED Responder Kit

AED Responder KitThe Automated External Defibrillator Kit or AED is a light and transportable device that is capable of diagnosing a range of conditions in a patient; it can then be used to treat them. The AED Responder Kit provides everything that a first aider or paramedic may need when using this apparatus.Our Price from £10.88 (ex.VAT)

Zenith Pouch Workplace First Aid Kit

Zenith Pouch Workplace First Aid KitA large number of businesses will regularly send their employees on trips to help build relationships and bring in more business as a result. The environments into which these employees will be travelling are likely to be low-risk and may well already be fully equipped to deal with any injuries which occur as the result of accidents.Our Price from £11.87 (ex.VAT)

Alpha Box Catering First Aid Kits

Alpha Box Catering First Aid KitsIt is a legal requirement of all businesses to have a specific ratio of qualified first aiders to employed staff present at any one time. The role of the first aider should not be underestimated. In all cases of injury, from minor cuts to those which are potentially life-threatening, the first aider plays a vital role. Where the injury is more serious, the first aider can help to greatly reduce the potential of the injury becoming any worse and can also provide vital information to paramedics upon their arrival.Our Price from £18.29 (ex.VAT)

St John Ambulance First Aid Manual 10th Edition

St John Ambulance First Aid Manual 10th EditionThe First Aid Manual 10th Edition is simply the most reliable and comprehensive guide to providing medical assistance available. It will steer a user through treating casualties of any age and is illustrated with a large number of photographs and anatomical diagrams.Our Price £4.70 (ex.VAT)

Alpha Box Workplace First Aid Kits

Alpha Box Workplace First Aid KitsAny business which holds physical premises in the United Kingdom is legally required to have a specific number of their staff qualified to perform ‘First Aid at Work’. Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the safest environments. It is important, therefore, that any location owned by a business is kept properly equipped at all times. First aiders are qualified to examine all types of injuries and provide an initial assessment as to the best course of action.Our Price from £15.86 (ex.VAT)

Koolpak Instant Cold Packs

Koolpak Instant Cold PacksCold and hot packs are commonly used to treat a wide range of injuries such as bumps, bruises, muscle strains and sprains. Cold packs are used to reduce swelling by cooling the skin and underlying blood vessels which constrict to limit blood flow to the area, these packs are commonly used by physiotherapists and can also be used to treat sports injuries.Our Price from £0.66 (ex.VAT)

Burnshield Hydrogel Spray

Burnshield Hydrogel SprayThe Burnshield Hydrogel Spray is perfect for treating burns of all kinds and comes in a handy, fast action dispenser. Although burns happen with relative regularity, they can be difficult to treat because the skin can quickly go on to split or form blisters, increasing the patient’s suffering.Our Price from £3.09 (ex.VAT)

Hand & Handle Wet Wipe Dispenser & Bin

Hand & Handle Wet Wipe Dispenser & BinThe Hand and Handle wet wipe dispenser and bin is a standalone unit that comes with a capacity of holding up to 1000 wet wipes.Our Price from £166.50 (ex.VAT)

First Aid Trolley

First Aid TrolleyA First Aid Trolley is an essential and versatile item that should be to hand in any hospital, surgery, clinic or other health care establishment or treatment room, simply because of its usefulness.Our Price from £247.90 (ex.VAT) with free delivery

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