Security At ESE Direct

Security At ESE Direct

Replica Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV CameraProviding an effective but low cost alternative to expensive surveillance and security systems, this Replica Dome CCTV Camera has all the appearance of being a working and recording camera. Perfect for seeming to keep an eye on daily activity in the workplace, such as watching employee’s movements, this Dome Camera is only suitable for internal use.Our Price from £19.04 (ex. VAT)

Professional Outdoor Replica CCTV Camera

Professional Outdoor Replica CCTV CameraTheft, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and illegal entry are massive problems in some areas of the UK, causing businesses financial strain and upheaval.Our Price from £49.38 (ex .VAT) with free delivery

Keypad Electronic Safes wall or floor fixed

Electronic Safes wall or floor fixedAny business knows that it is vital to ensure that all of the firm’s most sensitive documents are kept as secure as possible. In addition to making sure that all financial information is kept away from less scrupulous individuals (safeguarding the financial safety of both the firm and its customers), it will also guarantee that the most valuable on-site items (such as cash and expensive equipment) can be kept secure. Keypad Electronic Safes are ideal for the purpose.Our Price from £67.71 (ex.VAT)

Eurograde Cash Safes to EN1143-1

Cash Safes to EN1143-1Without doubt the most important investment that any company can make is in security. Any firm is at risk from theft, no matter what sector they operate in, without an effective security system in place. Thieves will target everything from financial documents to construction equipment in order to make money, so it is the responsibility of every firm to help minimise their chances. The Eurograde Cash Safes to EN1143-1 are the ideal way to ensure that any cash kept on site remains secure.Our Price from £661.88 (ex. VAT) with Free Delivery

Sealey Key Lock Box

Sealey Key
Lock BoxNeed to keep your keys safe, why not purchase a Sealey key lock key box? Most organisations whether commercial or industrial have the need to keep at least one set of keys secure, this set of keys may grant access to restricted areas, or open cash safes for example all of which should only be accessed by certain employees. A key box will allow managers to successfully control access to these areas.Our Price from £13.64 (ex. VAT )

Padlock Storage Cabinets for 25 to 100 padlocks

Storage Cabinets for 25 to 100 padlocksIt is important for any business to take the time to make sure that the firm’s property is kept secure. A lack of security can lead to the firm suffering financially, as well as customer finances being accessed by less than scrupulous individuals. One of the most effective ways to ensure information is kept safe is the use of quality padlocks to keep paperwork locked away. Padlock storage cabinets are ideal for helping to keep everything organised.Our Price from £112.90 (ex. VAT)

Plug / Pneumatic Lockouts

Plug /
Pneumatic LockoutsManufactured from toughened Polystyrene, theses Plug Lockouts have been developed to completely enclose electrical plugs to prevent a machine being energized.The plug completely sits inside the unit with the cable being fed through an access hole in the side.Our Price from £5.89 (ex. VAT)

Group Lock Box

Group Lock
BoxProviding a high level of security for the workplace, this Group Padlock Lockout Box secures each piece of equipment’s lockout points with the use of a single padlock. The keys are secure in the lockout box, and cannot be removed until the last authorised user removes their padlockOur Price from £46.41 (ex. VAT) with free delivery

Master Lock Extreme Strength Titanium Padlocks

Lock Extreme Strength Titanium PadlocksGetting the right lock into place is essential for security and, in some cases, health and safety regulations. The Master Lock Extreme Strength Titanium Padlocks are designed to be resistant to all kinds of wear and tear and will make it very difficult for anyone to break in.Our Price from £13.65 (ex. VAT)

Master Lock Combination Padlocks with 51mm body

Lock Combination Padlocks with 51mm bodyOne of the most important investments that any company can make is in the field of security. Effective security solutions are vital for absolutely any business, whether that business is insurance or in an industry such as construction. There are many different security solutions available for the digital sector, but in the more physical world, good quality padlocks remain a sensible investment. Master Lock Combination Padlocks are an excellent asset to have.Our Price from £20.43 (ex . VAT)

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