Wheelie Bins At ESE DirectWheelie Bins At ESE Direct

Wheelie Bins At ESE Direct


Standard Wheelie Bins 80ltr to 1100ltr capacityStandard<br /><br /><br />
Wheelie Bins 80ltr to 1100ltr capacityStandard wheelie bins 80ltr to 1,100ltr capacity are a robust and durable product, being injection moulded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has a high strength to density ratio. For customer convenience, the bins are suitable for use with all types of comb lifers.Our Price from £43.87 (ex.VAT)
Wheeled Recycling Container with Drop Front – 660ltr or 1100ltrWheeled<br /><br /><br />
Recycling Container with Drop Front - 660ltr or<br /><br /><br />
1100ltrAvailable to buy from ESE Direct, the wheeled recycling container with drop front – 660ltr or 1,100ltr is a practical and durable product for an organisation with recycling needs at their premises.Our Price from £330.25 (ex.VAT)
Chamberlain Galvanised Steel Wheelie BinsChamberlain Galvanised Steel Wheelie BinsChamberlain galvanised steel wheelie bins, available to order from ESE Direct, are heavy-duty bins supported by four large castor wheels. Compact in terms of their design, the bins were a direct replacement for the old 1970s-style Palladin cylindrical bins when they were first introduced onto the market. The chamberlain galvanised steel wheelie bins are a durable product that offer efficiency of space, thanks to the inclusion of recessed handles.Our Price £352.71 (ex.VAT)
Clinical Waste Wheelie Bins 80ltr to 1100ltrClinical<br /><br /><br />
Waste Wheelie Bins 80ltr to 1100ltrClinical waste wheelie bins 80ltr to 1,100lrs can be purchased from ESE Direct. Effective and efficient management of waste matter in a medical or clinical environment is essential for the welfare and well-being of staff and patients. ESE Direct recognizes that regulatory standards also have to be met. Yellow in colour, the clinical bins have a regulation lock mechanism and come with an approved clinical waste sticker for display purposes.Our Price from £79.15 (ex.VAT)

Galvanised Steel Wheelie BinsGalvanised<br /><br /><br />
Steel Wheelie BinsGalvanised steel wheelie bins can be ordered straight from ESE Direct today. These standard wheelie bins for domestic and commercial use are strong and durable products. Mounted on two large cushion tyre wheels, they are easily portable by users. Despite the galvanised steel finish, the bins are made to look like the more common plastic wheelie bin.Our Price from £198.81(ex.VAT)
Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tilt TruckRubbermaid<br /><br /><br />
Structural Foam Tilt TruckThis refuse bin has been made through a process of injection moulding; with HDPE strength it makes these bins durable and strong. Ideal for industrial, warehouses or construction sites where large amounts of waste need to be collected. We sell bins in two capacities, standard duty which can carry up to 272kg or Heavy Duty which can carry up to 453kg.Our Price from £651.56 (ex.VAT)
Rubbermaid Mega Brute Mobile Waste CollectorRubbermaid<br /><br /><br />
Mega Brute Mobile Waste CollectorThe mega brute mobile collector is ideal for offices or places that have a high litter ratio. With its great manoeuvrability and versatile use (litter or linen) this mobile waste collector is one of the best high capacity options available. With 450 litre capacity and rear doors to easily remove/replace bin liners making maintenance a breeze.Our Price from £403.51 (ex.VAT)
Galvanised Refuse ContainersGalvanised<br /><br /><br />
Refuse ContainersGalvanised Refuse Containers are used to hold large amounts of rubbish produced by companies or businesses during normal operation. Many types of businesses create rubbish or waste through their commercial activities and these galvanised 1100 litre bin refuse containers are ideal for storing and transporting this waste to the appropriate disposal place. Some businesses may also use these containers for collecting and storing recyclable materials such as paper or plastic.Our Price from £357.84 (ex.VAT)
Binifresh Wheelie Bin SprayBinifresh<br /><br /><br />
Wheelie Bin SprayThe binifresh wheelie bin spray, available to buy from ESE Direct, is a very handy product for maintaining hygiene in and around wheelie bins being stored on a business premises. The binifresh wheelie bin spray is an antibacterial product that is emitted into a bin automatically every four hours to prevent odours from building up and to combat the spread of bacteria.Our Price from £13.96 (ex.VAT)
BinPin Wheelie Bin LockBinPin<br /><br /><br />
Wheelie Bin LockBinPin wheelie bin locks designed to help prevent theft / unauthorised movement of your bins.Our Price from £26.55 (ex.VAT)

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