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Kick Step Stools At ESE Direct

This week ESE Direct are delighted to bring you a selection from their great range of Kick Step Stools. The perfect item to help you reach those hard to reach items in a safe and secure manner, there is a wide range available to suit every office and warehouse need. Whilst below we have picked out a selection, the full range can be found by clicking here.


Plastic 2 Step Stool with Storage BoxPlastic 2<br />
Step Stool with Storage BoxStep stools can play an important part in the workplace and business environments. They’re primary use is to provide that extra bit of height people might need to be able to reach items located high up on shelves.Our Price from £25.51 each (ex.VAT)

Step StoolsStep<br />
StoolsStep Stools play an important role in the workplace and business. They are used primarily to help people reach for items that are stored too high to be reached from the ground. Whether the shelf is too high above the ground, or the person is of small stature, these stools provide a safe way to reach for the item.Our Price from £27.84 (ex.VAT)

2 Tread with handrails Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread<br />
with handrails Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread with handrails Glide-along Mobile Steps provide the greater amount of convenience that many shop and office workers need.Our Price from £167.86(ex.VAT)

Steel Kick Steps – kik / push along, two steps highSteel Kick<br />
Steps - kik / push along, two steps highHave you ever needed to get up that extra step while at work? These steel kick steps make reaching for things at a higher level easier by offering you a sturdy, two-step high kick step. Now you can reach on top of cabinets or work benches with ease.Our Price from £28.36 each (ex.VAT)

2 Tread, No handles Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread,<br />
No handles Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread, no handles Glide-along Mobile Steps are one of many excellent alternatives to ladders. When employees need access to items on shelves but prefer not to use a ladder, these can be quite helpful. Any office or shop will be able to see benefits from the purchase straight away.Our Price from £135.04 (ex.VAT)

Glide-along Double Sided Safety Steps, 1 handleGlide-along Double Sided Safety Steps, 1<br />
handleGlide-along Double Sided Safety Steps with 1 handle provide plenty of hand and arm room while putting things away, with a good grip. Its glide-along design makes it easy to maneuver in a crowded warehouse or shop area. These steps are a perfect addition for any company that wants increased safety while providing more convenience for all of their employees.Our Price from £177.08 (ex.VAT)

Glide-along Double Sided Safety Steps, 2 handlesGlide-along Double Sided Safety Steps, 2<br />
handlesGlide-along Double Sided Safety Steps with 2 handles offer a greater degree of safety, coupled with a convenient design. These steps are made with care in the UK and offer a choice of colours and tread types for the unique needs of any company.Our Price from £187.10 (ex.VAT)

Heavy Duty Plastic Kick StepHeavy Duty<br />
Plastic Kick StepWhen reaching for items that are high up, such as on a shelf, it is very important that it is done safely. One way to do this is by using a Heavy Duty Plastic Kick Step.Our Price from £31.97 (ex.VAT)

2 Tread, 2 handles Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread, 2<br />
handles Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread, 2 Handles Glide-along Mobile Steps provide an office with great flexibility when moving products or supplies. These are also quite useful in a shop setting or a warehouse that has storage areas of varying heights.Our Price from £157.46 (ex.VAT)

2 Tread, 1 handle Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread, 1<br />
handle Glide-along Mobile Steps2 Tread, 1 Handle Glide-along Mobile Steps help to fill a need for many shops and other workplaces. Employees need easy access to steps when they must reach high shelves or other hard to reach areas. The stepmobile, as it is also called, is one of the best options available.Our Price from £144.92 (ex.VAT)

Home Sale At Scotts of Stow

Scotts of Stow

Home Sale At Scotts of Stow

With the fantastic Sale still running at Scotts of Stow, offering up to 70% off selected items, this week we are delighted to bring you a selection from the ‘Home Sale’. Containing everything from handheld vacuums to music players and curtains, all your needs are covered with the usual style and class you would expect from Scotts of Stow.


Turbo TyphoonTurbo<br /><br /> TyphoonIdeal for cleaning up spills in small rooms, cars, caravans, wherever, our latest hand-held, lightweight vacuum is the most powerful we have offered. Weighing only around 3lb you can carry it by the large handle or tote it effortlessly from your shoulder and it’s ideal for quick clean-ups when you don’t need to haul out your full-size cleaner.Our Price £49.95

No Tools 3-drawer Filing CabinetNo Tools<br /><br /> 3-drawer Filing CabinetIf you’re all fingers and thumbs when it comes to putting together self-assembly furniture, you’ll welcome the simplicity of this filing cabinet. Designed using a patented no-tool quick assembly system it’s a revolution in self-assembly furniture! It can be put together fast and easily and requires no tools, no screws or glues and no fiddly nuts and bolts.Was £169.95 Now £149.95

Oriental Lily Throw 48″ x 54″Oriental<br /><br /> Lily Throw 48″ x 54″Suitable for most two-seater sized sofas, this throw carries an arresting Oriental Lily leaf pattern on a cream background. In fact, the pattern is so dramatic, the leaves appear to be almost embroidered onto the lustrous, full-bodied chenille fabric.Was £39.95 Now £17.95

Oriental Lily Curtains 55″ x 90″Oriental<br /><br /> Lily Curtains 55″ x 90″These curtains carry an arresting Oriental Lily leaf pattern on a cream background. In fact, the pattern is so dramatic, the leaves appear to be almost embroidered onto the lustrous, full-bodied chenille fabric.Was £99.95 Now £49.95

Oriental Lily Foot Cube/PouffeOriental<br /><br /> Lily Foot Cube/PouffeThis foot cube or pouffe carries an arresting Oriental Lily leaf pattern on a cream background. In fact, the pattern is so dramatic, the leaves appear to be almost embroidered onto the lustrous, full-bodied chenille fabric. It’s rich and plump and makes an ideal resting place for your feet during periods of relaxation.Was £49.95 Now £29.95

Nostalgic Music CentreNostalgic<br /><br /> Music CentreEnjoy a trip down memory lane with this beautifully crafted music centre. Rediscover your entire music collection, for not only will it play your favourite recordings on CD and cassette, but it also features a 3-speed record player for vinyl singles, LPs and shellac 78s.Was £159.95 Now £143.95

Leather Executive ChairLeather<br /><br /> Executive ChairOffice chairs are often an eyesore in the home, so we were delighted to find this beautiful and comfortable executive chair designed to complement almost any décor, and perfect to use with a computer.Was £179.95 Now £99.95

Super-Absorbent Dirt Grabber Mat, MediumSuper-Absorbent Dirt Grabber Mat, MediumThis Dirt Grabber mat simply sucks away wet and dirt in an instant, keeping your floors clean and dry and your carpets looking like new. It is woven from recycled 100% cotton fibres that absorb over 95% of mud from outdoor shoes and doggy paws, and its recycled rubber backing minimises creeping on carpets or hard floors.Was £22.95 Now £20.65

Triple LED Window CandleTriple LED<br /><br /> Window CandleWelcome returning family members and visitors any time of year with these traditional triple window candles. Signifying the warmth and security of the family hearth, simply twist the bulbs to turn on automatically for eight hours and off for 16 hours. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).Was £19.95 Now £15.95

Wall Mounted Horse HeadEquine enthusiasts will love this handsome horse’s head. Faithfully detailed in resin with a bronze-effect finish, it will make a striking impression in a hallway or study..Was £95.00 Now £40.00

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The summer sale is still on with bargains to be had across all departments. Shop all sale offers here:




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ElectrIQ VRT400HD Cold Pressed Slow<br />

The ElectriQ cold pressed slow juicer is the healthiest and best way to extract juice from fruit, vegetables and even nuts, with very little waste. This powerful masticating juicer is fitted with the latest slow mastication technology to extract nutrient rich juice that will be perfect for helping with weight loss, diets or even just to get you on the road towards a healthy lifestyle.

ElectrIQ HSL600 Horizontal Slow Juicer £119.98 Only £69.98 with code JUICE50

ElectrIQ HSL600 Horizontal Slow Juicer

The ElectriQ horizontal slow juicer cold presses fruits, vegetables, grasses, leafy greens or creates delicious nut milks. The low power 150 watts DC motor that spins at only 80 RPM ensures that fruits and vegetables are mechanically pressed without adding friction heat, which prevents juice oxidation meaning your juice will retain the maximum amount of nutrients and flavour.

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ElectrIQ ICMFD01 Frozen Fruit Healthy<br />
Ice Cream Maker

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Holiday Shop At Scotts of Stow

Scotts of Stow
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Holiday Shop At Scotts of Stow

It’s that time of year again, Summer Holidays are upon us and plenty of families will be looking to get away for a few weeks of sun, sea and sand or to relax by the pool in warmer climates. With that in mind, Scotts of Stow are delighted to bring you a selection of items from their ‘Holiday Shop’ range. You can also still find plenty of great items in the Scotts of Stow ‘Summer Sale’, with many items reduced by up to 70%.

Suitcase Organiser Bags (Pack of 5)   Suitcase<br /><br /><br />
Organiser Bags (Pack of 5)Enjoy a perfectly packed suitcase. No more untidy or chaotic packing – and no more embarrassment if your case is inspected at check-in or customs! These lightweight bags neatly compartmentalise all your stuff into separate categories.Our Price from £12.95

Big-Capacity Trolley Bag – Buy One, Get One FREEBig-Capacity Trolley Bag – Buy One, Get One<br /><br /><br />
FREE   Don’t think this is just a weekend holdall – it packs enough for a fortnight’s holiday! The capacious trolley bag can be carried by twin handles or shoulder strap, or smoothly pulled along on its wheels.Our Price £49.95

Insulated Lunch BoxInsulated<br /><br /><br />
Lunch Box   This tiffin-style lunch box comprises two interlocking, insulated bowls and a airtight, vented lid. It’s ideal for taking soup, salads, pasta and more to anywhere you wish – picnics and days out.Our Price £14.95

Vinology Wine Cooler Caddy   Vinology<br /><br /><br />
Wine Cooler CaddyNo more cumbersome ice buckets. Vinology’s clever ChillCaddy will be the toast of the picnic and any al fresco dining occasion. Simply pop the gel-filled fabric sleeve into your freezer. The gel will freeze but will remain perfectly pliable.Was £14.95 Now £9.95

Ladies’ Straw Summer HatLadies’<br /><br /><br />
Straw Summer Hat   Fancy yourself as an ‘extra’ in a period drama? This classic straw hat will give you an air of sophistication and will up the glamour stakes when teamed with any floaty summer dress. It’s lightweight to wear and naturally breathable, while providing sun protection for your hair and face. Used as a holiday hat it will squash down easily to fit in a suitcase or beach bag.Our Price £19.95

Leather Accordion Security Wallet   Leather<br /><br /><br />
Accordion Security WalletIdentity thieves are becoming ever more cunning in their determination to steal your identity and personal details. Even with the latest ‘biometric’ passports, credit cards and driving licences, your personal data may contain an RFID (Radio Frequency Indentification) chip holding all sorts of information including your name, address, credit card/passport number and date of birth.Our Price £19.95

Flower Photo Print UmbrellaFlower<br /><br /><br />
Photo Print Umbrella   The perfect antidote to grey skies, this beautiful brolly is glam not glum! Sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, this distinctive photo print accessory is excellent quality too.Our Price £16.95

Polycarbonate Two-piece Luggage SetPolycarbonate Two-piece Luggage Set   They were already a big hit with our globetrotting customers who like their possessions to arrive in one piece, but our ultra-tough, lightweight 4-wheel suitcases have great new design improvements we know you’ll love – yet the price is no higher.Our Price £99.95

Touch Fastening Peep Toe ShoeTouch<br /><br /><br />
Fastening Peep Toe Shoe   Perfect for summer wear, these Spanish-made sandals combine comfort, coolness and style. The uppers have one-touch fastening that lets you instantly adjust fit as required. For walking you may want a slightly snugger and more supportive fit – but if your feet swell due to heat or inactivity, simply loosen the sandal off.Was £22.95 Now £14.95

Further Savings Now On At Oak Furniture Land

Oak Furniture Land
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Further Savings Now On At Oak Furniture Land

This weekend at Oak Furniture Land we are offering up to 50% off a selection of our best selling products, with our ‘Further Savings’ – while stocks last!

All our furniture is hand-crafted from premium grade solid hardwood using traditional methods, such as the dovetail joints on every drawer. We never skimp on materials and we never use veneers, MDF or chipboard in any of our products.

We offer free delivery on all orders, VAT is included in the price, and you can even track your order online.

Further Savings


French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Tall BookcaseFrench<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Tall Bookcase   The French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Tall Bookcase boasts a refined styling which is reminiscent of classic French furniture, particularly of the Louis Philippe period. Made using one hundred percent premium grade solid oak and featuring the signature panels, inlaid grooves and flared cornices of our French Farmhouse range, it’s another masterstroke of quality craftsmanship.Was £579.83 Now £389.83 Savings Price £384.99

Cairo Natural Solid Oak Wide 6 Drawer ChestCairo<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Natural Solid Oak Wide 6 Drawer Chest   The Cairo Natural Solid Oak Wide Six-Drawer Chest has plenty of space for clothing storage as well as beautiful design features and unbeatable solid oak quality. The Cairo range combines understated design with classic rustic oak quality. This is finished off beautifully with moulded metal button handles and a delicately overhanging topWas £499.23 Now £379.23 Savings Price £374.98

Ripley Rough Sawn Solid Oak Nest Of 2 TablesRipley<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Rough Sawn Solid Oak Nest Of 2 Tables   Effortlessly stylish and immensely practical, the Ripley Rough Sawn Solid Oak Nest of Tables will add a true sense of rustic charm to any home. Great for when you have friends or family round, the tables can be easily shared about the room to hold drinks or nibbles. When no longer required, they simply stack neatly away to offer a handy surface as a side table in the living room or conservatory.Was £249.64 Now £124.96 Savings Price £120.96

Quercus Rustic Solid Oak Glazed DresserQuercus<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Rustic Solid Oak Glazed Dresser   For those of you searching for the perfect display cabinet to show off your treasured ornaments and glassware, look no further than the Quercus Rustic Solid Oak Glazed Dresser. The attraction of a display cabinet with glazed doors is the knowledge that your possessions are always on show whilst being carefully protected at all times.Was £699.88 Now £449.88 Savings Price £444.93

Newark Natural Solid Oak Triple WardrobeNewark<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Natural Solid Oak Triple Wardrobe   The Newark Natural Solid Oak Triple Wardrobe is a must-have for anyone looking for the ultimate clothes storage unit. With substantial hanging space in two separate compartments the wardrobe also boasts two deep drawers for heavier items or shoes. Every inch is handcrafted by skilled joiners from premium grade solid oak – including the back of the wardrobe and the linings of the drawers.Was £999.98 Now £749.98 Savings Price £744.92

Orrick Rustic Solid Oak 1 Door Bedside CabinetOrrick<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Rustic Solid Oak 1 Door Bedside Cabinet   The Orrick Rustic Solid Oak One Door Bedside Cabinet flaunts an artisanal design with hand chamfered edges, rounded corners and an elegantly sculpted handle. Made from one hundred percent A-grade solid oak, it’s designed to be the perfect companion to the Orrick Rustic Solid Oak Bed. With a spacious top for a bedside lamp and alarm clock, the cabinet also boasts a roomy cupboard for supplementary storage.Was £199.76 Now £99.76 Savings Price £94.91